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Tramigo Caribbean

In 2016, CariTrack's strategic partner, Oscar Francois Limited (OFL) became the regional Caricom Caribbean distributors for the Tramigo Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution. The Tramigo solution was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago in 2007 by CariTrack as a Telematics platform to develop unique Caribbean MRM application solutions that could improve security, motor vehicle fleet and asset management.
The T22 model offered to market in 2007, did not contain the usual Latin America map data (GIS content / landmarks) but custom data developed for local applications. Local television station CCN TV6 featured this customized TramigoTV9 News T&T January 2008 T22 on their primetime televion newscast in January 2008. 
The Tramigo is the only popular GPS/GSM brand of tracking device in Trinidad and Tobago because most local competing companies  have chosen not to reveal the make and model of their tracking devices.  We suspect that the reason for this is most likely to avoid consumers checking the price and features of these low cost devices and determing the exact value their are receiving for their hard earned cash.  It is only a matter of time before consumers become educated to the point that the practice of putting a "no name" GPS tracker in their branded vehicle is determined  to be an unwise consumer behaviour.  Even the brand of the cheapest smartphone if known by consumers before purchase.

The T23 model entered the market in 2011 and by 2015 all major bugs and issued were resolved.  The current T23 premium model is stable and very reliable.  The 10 year experience with Tramigo platform in Trinidad and Tobago and level of confidence in the current T23 model gave OFL the confidence to market this Telecommunications product throughout the Caribbean.

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Solutions

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) pertains to the monitoring, data collection, tracking and control of a wide variety of mobile and fixed assets, as opposed to just motor vehicles. The term is used to cover a wide spectrum of asset management Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) ranging from GPS tracking, Fleet Management, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies.

The Tramigo T23 model is an ideal Telematics blackbox for Caribbean MRM solutions:

CariTrack MRM Soluitions


Tramigo T23 Series Product Video