Private Car Security

Vehicle Security With Economy Payment Options

Convenience, ease of use, accuracy and reliability are the order of the day with our smart GPS tracking solution for your vehicle security.
The Tramigo T23 Track is our recommended GPS/GSM security unit:: as long as you don't require audio monitoring (the Listen feature).  This economy model has all the other popular smart features including our custom 16K T&T TLD (landmarks/maps) and basic Input/Output (I/O) features such as remote immobilization, ignition sensing and SOS/Panic or "Door Open" alert.  Warranty terms: 24 months on the tracker, six months on accessories (e.g. internal battery) and three months on installers labor. 


 SMS Pre-paid Option (No Monthly Fees)

Tramigo T23 Track

Using a Pre-Paid SIM card (chip), the GPS owner can Top-Up on a regular basis as recommended by the Mobile Provider (Digicel or Bmobile) to ensure that the tracker is on the network.. If the SIM in the GPS tracker has no credit, registered users will not be able to get responses to SMS commands sent to the device and on-going tracking reports and alerts..

The amount of money used by the SIM in the tracker depends entirely on the how many SMS messages are sent out to registered users. A wide variety of one-time or automated reports and alerts can be programmed on the tracker by the users.  If no servers or Post-Paid GSM plans are used, then the this option can accurately be termed as "No Monthly Fees".

Tramigo T23 Fleet

For customers who want a Fully Loaded Tramigo T23 tracker then the Fleet model is the way to go.  Very easy installation and a wide variety of features makes this model the premium choice for customers who want the very best for their vehicle security.  Additional features include a microphone for remote covert listening from a mobile phone or landline.  The Fleet unit can also do one additional action apart from shutting down the vehicle: It can open doors or any relay of your choice.  Popular monitoring aterts with the Fleet include, SOS/Panic, Car Alarm monitoring. power disconnection {Power Cut), and door openings.


SMS & E-mail Pre-paid Option (Low Cost Subscription)

GPS E-mail & SMS TrackingTo get the best security services from your Tramigo T23 you will get alot of GPS tracking reports and alerts.  Depending on SMS alone can be very expensive.  Add our economy E-mail subscription service and you have significantly enhanced your GPS security coverage.  

The annual subscription costs about TT$1.30 (USD$0.21) per day for unlimited GPS e-mail reports from your vehicle to up to 3 e-mail accounts. An abolute "steal of a deal". Smart informative Tramigo GPS reports from your vehicle coming to your desktop PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets or any mobile device that you receive e-mails.  The limitations of just getting GPS reports on your mobile phone is broken with this e-mail service. 

If you take this service, we recommend that you SMS for critical commands such as immobilization and also as a backup reporting system in areas where 2G data service (GPRS) coverage is poor.