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CariTrack's New Services

Leading the charge in the new roll out of service is the M1 Fleet Enterprise and associated M1 Fleet Web software applications which allows Tramigo customers to track and manage their assets over the Internet.

This service is available anywhere in the world as long as you own a Tramigo T23 device that contains a full-sized SIM card with 2G (i.e. GPRS) internet access feature. Jigsaw puzzle piece

Running out of Pre-Paid credit may be inconvenient for a mobile phone user but with a GPS tracker it may result in the loss of your vehicle.  We have been in the GPS Tracking and Fleet Management market since 2007.

There have been numerous cases where the owner of the GPS trackers have failed to Top-Up the pre-paid SIM card in the tracking device on time and have caused the tracking device to become useless!  There have been a few cases where stolen vehicles were not 

Mobile Phone with keyrecovered because the SIM card had no credit.  Take advange of the low cost and convenience of CariTrack's Top-Up service today

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